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Oberon Books

  1. Programming in Oberon - M. Reiser and N. Wirth [PDF (21.7 MB)]
  2. The Oberon System - M. Reiser - Out-of-print
  3. Project Oberon - The Design of an Operating System and Compiler - N. Wirth and J. Gutknecht [PDF (4'398 KB)]
  4. Compiler Construction - N. Wirth [PDF (597 KB)]
  5. Programming in Oberon (2004) - A derivative of Programming in Modula-2 (1982) - N. Wirth [PDF (334 KB)]
  6. Algorithms and Data Structures (1985) (Oberon version: August 2004) - N. Wirth [PDF (1'241 KB)]
[War02] J. S. Warford
Computing Fundamentals
The Theory and Practice of Software Design with BlackBox Component Builder
Verlag Vieweg, Wiesbaden, 2002, ISBN 3-528-05828-5
[BrD02] Edited by M. Broy and E. Denert
Software Pioneers - Contributions to Software Engineering
with the transcription of a talk given by Niklaus Wirth on Pascal and its successors, at the Software Pioneers Conference.
Springer, Heidelberg, 2002, ISBN 3-540-43081-4. Order from Amazon.
[BGP00] Edited by L. Böszörményi, J. Gutknecht, G. Pomberger
The School of Niklaus Wirth - The Art of Simplicity
dpunkt.verlag GmbH, 2000, ISBN German 3-932588-85-1
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2000, ISBN 1-55860-723-4
With preface by Tony Hoare.
[WiR92] N. Wirth and M. Reiser
Programming in Oberon - Steps Beyond Pascal and Modula
Addison-Wesley, 1992, ISBN 0-201-56543-9 - Examples used in the book
Tutorial for the Oberon programming language and concise language reference.
[WiR94] N. Wirth and M. Reiser
Programmieren in Oberon - Das neue Pascal
Addison-Wesley, 1994, ISBN 3-89319-657-9 - Translated into German by J. Templ.
[Rei92] M. Reiser
The Oberon System; User Guide and Programmer's Manual
Addison-Wesley, 1992, ISBN 0-201-54422-9
User manual for the programming environment and reference for the standard module library.
[WiG92] N. Wirth and J. Gutknecht
Project Oberon - The Design of an Operating System and Compiler
Addison-Wesley, 1992, ISBN 0-201-54428-8 - Examples used in the book
Program listings with explanation for the whole system, including the compiler for NS32000.
[HoH94] H. Haupt und O. Hess
Schatzkiste für Programmierer unter DOS und Windows, mit CD-ROM
Vogel Computer Presse GmbH, 1994, ISBN 3-825-91329-5
[Moe95] H. Mössenböck
Object-Oriented Programming in Oberon-2
Springer, 1995, ISBN 3-540-60062-0 - Examples used in the book
Principles and applications of object-oriented programming with examples in the language Oberon-2.
[Moe98] H. Mössenböck
Objektorientierte Programmierung in Oberon-2
Springer, 3. Auflage - 1998, ISBN 3-540-64649-3
[Wir96a] N. Wirth
Compiler Construction
Addison-Wesley, 1996, ISBN 0-201-40353-6 - Examples used in the book.
A disk provided with the book gives full listings of the Oberon-0 compiler and associated tools.
[Wir96b] N. Wirth
Grundlagen und Techniken des Compilerbaus
Addison-Wesley, 1996, ISBN 3-89319-931-4
[MLK97] J. R. Mühlbacher, B. Leisch, B. Kirk, U. Kreuzeder
Oberon-2 Programming with Windows
Springer, 1997, ISBN 3-540-62522-4
[Nik97] E. W. Nikitin
Into the Realm of Oberon: An introduction to Programming and the Oberon-2 Programming Language
Springer, 1997, ISBN 0-387-98279-5 - Supplemental files
[Kna97] M. Knasmüller
Oberon-D. On Adding Database Functionality to an Object-Oriented Development Environment
Schriftenreihe der Johannes-Kepler-Universität Linz 22, 1997, ISBN 3-85320-898-3
[Szy98] C. Szyperski
Component Software - Beyond Object-Oriented Programming
Addison-Wesley, 1998, ISBN 0-201-17888-5
[FiM98] A. Fischer and H. Marais
The Oberon Companion: A Guide to Using and Programming Oberon System 3
vdf Hochschulverlag AG an der ETH Zürich, 1998, ISBN 3-7281-2493-1
[MMZ99] B. Marincek, J.L. Marais, E. Zeller
Oberon - Ein Kurzleitfaden für Studenten
Vieweg, 1999, ISBN 3-528-05691-6
[Hug01] K. Hug
Module, Klassen, Verträge. Ein Lehrbuch zur komponentenorientierten Softwarekonstruktion mit Component Pascal
Verlag Vieweg, Wiesbaden, 2001, 2. aktualisierte Auflage, ISBN 3-528-15681-3

Some of these books can be found in the VLB (Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher) used by many booksellers in Europe. For example: Bücherinsel, Osiandersche Buchhandlung or Lehmanns Buchhandlung.

Chapter in book

ETH Technical Reports

The Deparment Informatik, Institut für Computersysteme publishes freely available technical reports. Some of them are however out of print. Abstracts are available from the complete list of technical reports. Abstracts and full reports electronically available from there. The reports dealing with Oberon are listed here, the latest publications appearing first.


Oberon papers in publications

Also refer to the papers published by the University of Linz, Austria as well as to their reports accessible by ftp and to the publications of the Distributed Systems Department of the University of Ulm, Germany.

In the following list, the most recent publications appear first.

Background Papers

Unpublished documents

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